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 Badge Courses available have been

Updated on 23rd January 2018 

New to Scouting- see Unlimited Learning Course
Practical Help for New Leaders still have 10 places

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Courses and Districts who attended in
Thriftwood Badge Team

1st January 2017 to
31st December 2017

Badges Courses
Districts Groups
Beaver Camp Craft Full 19
Brentwood 56
Cub Pioneer Full 18
Crouch Valley 26
Epping Forest South Full 19
B &Dagenham 0
Beaver Camp Craft Full 23
Thurrock 0
Scout DIY Full 20
Romford 1
Cub Backwoods Full 22
Hornchurch 83
Beaver Camp Craft Part 8
Chelmsford 0
Scout Model Part 7
Wickford 0
Scout Forester Full 11
Epping Forest 19
Cub Scientist Full 14

Cub Pioneer No Interest 0

Cub DIY Part 10

Beaver Camp Craft Full 14


Serving the Scout Districts of

 Barking & Dagenham, Brentwood, Romford, Hornchurch

& Squirrels Heath in Romford & Hornchurch  plus supporting other Districts 

in Leader & Badge Training for over  28 years at Thriftwood.