Warning:  On this badge, Safety is given as paramount to Cubs who use tools 

How to earn your badge

  1. Show how to use and take care of tools safely. Do this for a selection 
    of them, like a hammer, saw, screwdriver, drill or glue gun.
  2. Talk to your leader about how to work safely on your projects, especially when you’re using electric tools.
  3. Learn what the difference  is between hard wood, soft wood, chipboard, plywood and MDF. For each of them, find out what they’re best used for.
  4. Help design and make two items while an adult supervises you. Use them to show that you’re able to:
    • measure accurately
    • saw
    • join pieces of wood together in two different ways
    • use a hammer, screwdriver and drill
    • prepare surfaces and stain, varnish or paint.

Cubs have a go at Chisel Sharpening using honing jig picture below 

Photo Above:  Some of the Tools we will cover on the Course over three weeks and more ie: Nails, Screws and Glues and many more items see below PDF Documents




Tool Box Saftey: Dangers of storing tools in tool box(bags) picture below


Pliers & Cutters.pdf Pliers & Cutters.pdf
Size : 310.872 Kb
Type : pdf
THRIFTWOOD Measuring Tools.pdf THRIFTWOOD Measuring Tools.pdf
Size : 36.946 Kb
Type : pdf
Thriftwood Types of Nails.pdf Thriftwood Types of Nails.pdf
Size : 17.594 Kb
Type : pdf
THRIFTWOOD Types of screws.pdf THRIFTWOOD Types of screws.pdf
Size : 33.867 Kb
Type : pdf
Types of Cavity_Fixings.pdf Types of Cavity_Fixings.pdf
Size : 1152.019 Kb
Type : pdf

Many thanks to Dave from 2nd Cranham Helping on A Cub DIY Badge at 2nd Squirrels Heath 

Cleaning Paint Rollers.pdf Cleaning Paint Rollers.pdf
Size : 48.658 Kb
Type : pdf
THRIFTWOOD types of Chisels.pdf THRIFTWOOD types of Chisels.pdf
Size : 22.884 Kb
Type : pdf
THRIFTWOOD Types of Glue.pdf THRIFTWOOD Types of Glue.pdf
Size : 161.759 Kb
Type : pdf
THRIFTWOODTypes of Hammers.pdf THRIFTWOODTypes of Hammers.pdf
Size : 42.593 Kb
Type : pdf
THRIFTWOOD Types of Wall plugs.pdf THRIFTWOOD Types of Wall plugs.pdf
Size : 63.365 Kb
Type : pdf


Saftey Quiz:DIY

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Saftey Quiz:Garage & Shed 

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Bench Grinder is shown by Leaders.

 No Cub uses this tool