This replaces Scout Navigator Activity Badge

 To gain this Badge, Scouts must complete the requirements.

  1. Using 1:50 000 and 1:25 000 scale Ordnance Survey maps:

    1. Show that you understand the meaning of scale, true, grid and magnetic north and can recognise conventional map symbols.

    2. Interpret contour lines in terms of shape and steepness of terrain. Know the meaning of topographical features such as valley, col, ridge, spur, etc.

    3. Show how to set a map with and without a compass. Be able to use and give six-figure grid references. Demonstrate the use of a roamer to improve accuracy.

    4. Show how to measure distances on a map and how to estimate timings for a particular route.

    5. Show how to find north without the aid of a compass, by day or night.

    6. Demonstrate your awareness of the latest developments in electronic technology such as the Global Positioning System.

  2. Be familiar with traffic signs and signals as illustrated in the Highway Code.

  3. With other Scouts, accompany a motorist on a journey of at least 30 kilometres, taking it in turns to act as navigator to a stated destination. The route should avoid motorways and major roads and if possible should be cross-country, using a variety of roads and lanes. There should be no prior route preparation.

  4. Walk two compass routes of at least 2 kilometres each. One route should have start and end points defined on a map by an adult and the second by the Scout.

  5. Demonstrate an ability to:

    1. Convert grid bearings to magnetic bearings and vice versa.

    2. Use back bearings to check the route.

    3. Estimate current position using a compass.

    4. Walk on a bearing, including 'deviating from course', (the four right angles technique to circumvent an obstacle).