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 How to earn your badge

  1.      As a member of a group, take part in:
    •      An indoor pioneering project, like constructing a H Frame Flag Staff
    •      An outdoor pioneering project, like building a monkey bridge or parallel               runway.
  2.      Show the correct way to do these & Safety
    •      A whipping or safe rope sealing
    •      A splice
    •      Coiling and storing a rope
    •      What are Hold fasts?
    •      Blocks (Pulleys)
    •      Using levers to extract objects or move heavy weights
    •      Being safe in pioneering projects. Explain why it’s important.
  3.      Name and tie at least six knots and three lashings that are useful in                       pioneering.



Secure Loop on end of Rope                        Quick Stopper Knot



Secure Anchor knot                                Joining two ropes of unequal                                                                                                      thickness also do a Double Sheet Bend                                                                                                                                                                                                                


Shorten rope and if you have a                  We know this as Reef Knot used

damaged rope                                      in First Aid  and locking end of lashings                                                                                                                                                 


Used to start Diagonal Lashings                              Starting and Ending of Lashings


                     Stopper Knot                                                                                                                                                                                         

                                                                                  CatsPaw                                                                                        Used in pioneering on a Block  with Hook add strength                                                                                  


       Useful to take strain off Main(Hawser) Rope                                                                                                                                                                                           

                                                                                                                       Quick Release Knot 



          Is used to hold two poles 

                                            at 90-degree angle to one another                                                             


  Used to join three poles one another for used as a Tripod 


                                          Braces to hold structure rigid


                             Used to hold two poles together at one end so that the                                       other ends can be spread  to  act as Shear Legs

Used To Extend Poles plus used wedges to tighten lashing

Square Lashing:

Badge Team has uses a different finish by taking the ends and tying Reef Knot to secure the lashing from undoing its self

Looking after Rope is important and if rope is not maintain this will cost your Group money 

 (See Below what you can do) Like Whipping & Splicing

Also when rope is wet please hang up to dry  as rope rots from inside and your safety could be put at risk

 Secure method of preventing end of a rope from fraying

     Quick Fix on end of rope

    Most secure Whipping


          Critical part  used to start a Back Spliced


See how Knots & Lashings 

How they are tied if  you have nothing to do!

 On the course we include 2 Pioneer Projects

Looking after Rope ie: Whipping , Splicing, Knots,  Lashings,Blocks, Holdfasts, Safety & Ariel Runways

Safety Rules


Ballista Project 

Hold Fasts in Pioneering 

Used on Firm Ground


Log & Picket for Soft Ground 

Pickets should be at 45 degrees

 Indoor Pioneer Project below

Lashings: Square and use Extension Sheer Lashing

to extend the flag pole

 New Monkey Bridge using 2 A frames

Badge Team testing a new frame method  of Monkey Bridge called

W Frame Monkey Bridge  as shown above

This is the only Block can be used with a seat on Aerial Runnway Photo below

See Aerial Runnway Code

Aerial Runway Code
 FS120006 Training is needed
 to build this Project 


Other types of blocks  with Eyes used in Pioneering

Scouts  Building Indoor Project  H Frame Flag Staff 

Below Scouts have a go at making small rope 

Picture Gallery on the Pioneer Course 

 Click on Images below to enlarge

Click on Images below to enlarge 

 Below H Frame Flag Pole indoor Pioneering Project

Scout Pioneer Badge Monkey Bridge

 1st Ingrave & 1st Elm Park 2012 

Classic Monkey Bridge below